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Tube and Pipe Laser

Royal Laser Mfg is capable of performing 6-axis laser cutting of mill length pipe and structural. Our Masak FG-150 piper laser cutting system automatically loads, feeds laser, cuts, and unloads mil-length pipe and structural. These systems have the capabilities to process round, square, rectangular and triangular pipe, as well as I- and H-beams, C-channel, and angle iron. The system laser cuts holes, contours, angles and bevels with only one set up per part. The FG-150 processes up to 5.9” in diameter and can handle material up to 26 feet long.

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This 22-axis, automated rotary laser can fabricate tube, pipe and structural with the contours and bevels needed for tight fit ups on a wide variety of pipe joints and with other intersecting or joining pipes. To achieve these complex 3D shapes, the FabriGear’s 64-bit NC simultaneously controls a 5-axis laser cutting system with four individual rotary chucks. This high precision laser cutting results in tight dimensional part accuracy that can save or eliminate time and costs in downstream operations such as pipe fitting and welding.